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I was wondering if you have soundtracks for your music? I have a 13 year old son that God is blessing with a gift to sing for His glory and your songs are beautiful. Looking for Lord Send a Revival
When I heard you on Gospel Music singing 'Without the Blood' where would I be- the Holy Ghost rose up within me. I knew you all had to be Spirit Filled Believers. So few still have that anointing on their singing. I praise God for you all. I feel comforted that there are still people out there serving God with Godly Modesty, exuding the love of Jesus and lifing HIM up rather than all of the emotional worldly jumping around that so much of what is referred to as worship seems to have become. Blessings my Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ. I too love the Lord with all my heart and look for his Appearing!
Our cups are still running over from our services this past week-end! We thank God for your obedience, devotion, and sacrifice to Our Lord's Work. You all are such an inspiration to all Christians and a great witness to the lost. Otter Branch Church loves and appreciates everything you do!!!!
Hello and Blessings to the whole band, esp. Diane Hartley Byer: from the Sullivan family!!!
I am enjoying your new CD so much! I have had it less than a week and have been blessed each time I play it. I pray for your safety when you travel and for God's blessings on your families. Hugs and prayers ~
We got to hear you guy's sing at the Guernsey Gospel Jubilee and j lessed our socks off. Love Country Gospel sound and your down to earth humble spirit no matter how far the Lord takes you don't lose that. Come by our site when you can www.thenewvisionband. com The New Vision Band
Really enjoyed your concert and dinner on the 24th. Your music is great. As good or better than any Southern Gospel we have heard. You have a wonderful message and ministry.l
as always, it was great to see you all, enjoyed your singing tonight at Lone Oak Church, Red House, WV hope you get some rest and have a safe trip home tomorrow, love you
We just had Paul James Sound at United Free Will Baptist Church for our second night of revival. What a wonderful music ministry this trio is. Brother Paul Byer and sisters Diane Byer and Patty Sleeper are just the most wonderful people. We are so grateful that they came so far up north to be such a huge blessing to our little church. Thank you for your faithful service to our Lord. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you all. God Bless you, and keep you. Yours in Christ, Bro. Mike Ryan
I so appreciated your performance on 6/30/13 at Southside Baptist Church. Your vocals are simply amazing, supported by terrific backup music. I also appreciated your testimonies and how God is clearly the author of what you do. Others who attended told me they liked it very much. I look forward to hearing you again at Southside!
Hi PJ and Diane, I miss seeing you all. I now have to work week ends and have not been able to come see u. As soon as I can I will.
Just recently discovered y'all's website. Great sound and excellent singing! Am really enjoying the audio clips. Would love to experience you guys in concert sometime! (BTW, perhaps you just may remember me, from when I played the piano with The Fishermen Quartet of Clyde, OH, 'way back when'!) I'm presently playing in the house band at The Gospel Barn in Hillsdale, MI ( and on facebook at:, where we host groups such as yours on Saturdays, with the concert season running from April thru the 1st Sat. in November every year. May God continue to bless your ministry!
i like your all web site. tell everyone we say hi.
I have known this group for over 20 years... GOOD People, Good Messages, and GOOD Music... If you are looking for Good Southern Gospel Music, look no further...God Bless you for Blessing him!!!
I have known this group for over 20 yrs... If you are looking for GREAT southern gospel music, look no further... GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD MESSAGES, and GOOD MUSIC... Keep it REAL my FRIENDS... God Bless you for Blessing him!!!!
Thankful for being able to fellowship with you guys, what a blessing you are to me. Glad that you live what you sing about. Love you guys!!!
We are so proud of you guys! God has called and put your group together and that is evident in your songs and sound. Please keep singing, the world needs to hear your songs. We are praying for you and support you! God Bless!
Great music and message, my friends! We love you all and really enjoy singing with you! Glad your Facebook page is up and running! Bill, Debbie, and Conda The Cross Pointe Trio
It is such a joy to see you guys on here. Can't wait to see and hear you in person again. We are FAMILY!!! Love and prayers, Pastor Mike and the whole congregation at Otter Branch Church, Buffalo, WV.
You guys are great! What a wonderful way to preach the gospel with those awesome voices! Good stuff!!! :)

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