My Heart's Desire

by Paul James Sound

Released 2008
Released 2008
This CD is a great mix of Country/Southern Gospel with some Praise and Worship performed by fifteen singers blending together to create a special and unique project that speaks to the soul.
Based in central Ohio comes a unique and fresh sound consisting of 15 singers and 18 songs. It is a project that brings together friends that have spanned a time frame of up to 30 years. From Southern Gospel to a Country sound, to Praise and Worship, this will be sure to tweak your interest. Paul James Sound actually consists of three basic members, Paul & Diane Byer and Patty Sleeper.
Paul(PJ)& Diane have traveled with several groups …
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Peace Came Down

by Paul James Sound

Released 2012
Released 2012
This is another quality CD with a good mix of Country/Southern Gospel style music for Paul James Sound. No two songs sound alike! Get your copy today!
Download / Listen / Be uplifted / Look to Christ with the Country Gospel sound of Paul James Sound.

What's His Name? Jesus!

by Paul James Sound

Released 2014
Released 2014
Another great Country-Southern Style recording. Some say this is their best CD yet. You've got to add What's His name? to your collection.
Enjoy Paul James Sound's Third CD Project. Tight Southern Harmonies with a good Country flavor.
This CD has 14 songs... One Original track, What's His Name?, and six songs written exclusivly by friends of Paul James Sound. There is a special Bonus track... A "LIVE" version of Two Coats.
This is a must have for anyone who likes Gospel Music. You will not be disappointed.
Purchase the whole CD or download the tracks today!

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